Smelly Water

Smelly water.
Smelly water.

Think of all the ways you use water in your Maryland home. Water is essential for personal hygiene, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and quenching your thirst.

Now imagine every time you open the tap, the water in your Annapolis home assaults your sense of smell.

Strong, offensive odors in your water can turn simple tasks such as showering and cooking into dreaded chores.

The good news about smelly water is that it is fixable. You simply need to identify the source of the odor and create a water treatment strategy to eliminate the smell and its root cause.

Mid-Atlantic Water Services can help. We have more than 30 years of experience and expertise in water treatment and plumbing. Our pros maintain, repair, and install whole house filtration systems, point-of-use filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis devices, ultraviolet (UV) lights, and other water treatment products.

We can assess the water in your home and recommend the best method for reducing odors.

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Does Your Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Hydrogen sulfide gas can taint your water with a rotten egg smell. It can occur naturally in groundwater or from sulfur bacteria in your Annapolis well, plumbing system, and water heater. If you detect the odor only in hot water, a magnesium anode rod in your water heater may be the culprit.

Our expert technicians at Mid-Atlantic Water Services can remove the rod and install a replacement made of a different material.

Another option is installing a solution feed system that can add chlorine to the water, negating the offending smell.

The U.S. Geological Survey says that although water tainted by hydrogen sulfide can smell and taste bad, it generally is not harmful to your health .

However, using water that smells like rotten eggs has other downsides. Water containing hydrogen sulfide gas can stain fixtures and corrode pipes in your Annapolis plumbing system. Sulfur bacteria create an environment that allows other bacteria to grow.

Other Objectionable Odors

If your tap water emits these odors, your well or municipal water supply may be good candidates for treatment:

  • Chlorine kills harmful viruses, parasites, and bacteria, and helps to make water from your well or a public water supply safe for consumption. However, too much chlorine can make your drinking water smell like a swimming pool. A whole-house carbon filtration system can help lessen the smell and taste of the chemical.
  • Sewage odors indicate bacteria in your drain or water source.
  • Your water smells strange, but you can’t put your finger on the odor. Call the pros at Mid-Atlantic Water Services to diagnose the problem and offer a water treatment solution.

Improve Your Smelly Water

You do not have to live with rotten egg smells in your Annapolis, MD, home. You can reduce hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfide bacteria in your well or municipal water supply and eliminate offensive odors. Let our qualified professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water Services recommend a whole-house water treatment solution for your tap water problems. Call us at (443) 808-0420 or request service online.

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