Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems
(Under Sink)

Your tap water is not ready to drink. Chlorine used to kill harmful bacteria and other contaminants like lead, iron, or arsenic show up in municipal water supplies. Let's get your water good enough for your family to drink.


High-Flow Filtration System

Clear Solutions CS-1000


Clear Solutions under counter high flow filtration system allows for multi-tap installation with one system! Removes contaminants like chlorine, cyst, lead and MTBE to provide fresh, tasteless and odorless water from your tap.


  • Proprietary carbon block technology
  • Removes contaminants like chlorine, cyst, lead and MTBE
  • Provides fresh, great tasting odorless water from your tap
  • Sanitary sealed, quick cartridge change
  • High flow 1.25 gpm
  • 651 gallon capacity
  • Certified under NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 401 Industry Standards
  • Designed, assembled and tested in the USA


Reverse Osmosis

Hellenbrand Millenium


Our most advanced system uses reverse osmosis, four stages of enhanced filtration to filter out up to 99% of the contaminants that standard filtration leaves behind so you won’t have to worry about harmful things like nitrates, arsenic or lead making it to your faucet.


  • Point-of-use space-saver design for installation in a variety of locations
  • Large reservoir tank ensures plenty of available filtered drinking water
  • Annual replacement of pre-filter, post-filter and inline filter
  • Fully automatic

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