Water Treatment System Maintenance

Water Treatment System Maintenance
Water Treatment System Maintenance.

Maintenance is key to keeping your water treatment system at your Maryland home in top shape.

When it operates at peak performance, your water treatment system reduces contaminants that might jeopardize your health or harm your water heater and other appliances.

It improves water taste, appearance, and odor, and gives you peace of mind whenever you wash your hands, sip some water, step into the shower, or launder your clothes.

Maintain Your Water Quality

Like any other appliance in your Annapolis home, your water treatment system benefits from preventative maintenance. A little TLC extends service life and helps you avoid major repairs.

Our qualified professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water Services can recommend a maintenance plan for your system that will include necessary filter changes, parts inspection, and tune-up.

We also repair and install water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection, water softeners, and sediment filtration.

Filters for Water Treatment Systems 

You may wonder why a drinking water system requires maintenance. After all, the essential component in most water treatment systems is the filter. What could be complicated about a filter?

Like the air filter in your furnace or car, water treatment filters must be replaced or cleaned regularly. How often they need replacement depends on the system, how much water you use, and what is in your water.

For example, we offer Hellenbrand’s Millenium Reverse Osmosis System, which has three filters that last approximately one year before they need replacement. At the other end of the spectrum, the Viqua 10-inch cartridge-style filter we recommend for sediment filtration has a six- to-12-month service life.

Filters overdue for cleaning or replacement may no longer adequately block contaminants. You may not realize the filter has worn out unless water clarity, color, smell, or taste changes. In some cases, such as lead filtration, you cannot see, taste, or smell lead in drinking water.

If your lead filtration filter fails, you risk significant health consequences drinking the water in your Annapolis home.

For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that drinking water can account for a person’s total exposure to lead. Children with low levels of lead in their blood can experience behavior problems, lower IQ, hearing problems, and anemia. Adults can suffer from increased blood pressure, decreased kidney function, and reproductive issues.

Fortunately, some water treatment systems remind consumers when to change filters. Our experts at Mid-Atlantic Water Services offer the Pioneer lead removal system to mitigate lead, other heavy metals, chlorine, and microbial cysts in your drinking water.

The system also uses an LED light that glows green when the filter is working, yellow to indicate 10 percent of filter life remains, and red for filter replacement is due.

How to Improve Your Drinking Water

Filters are not the only parts that need attention. If a valve, tank, connector, or another part fails, other system components may not function properly.

Consider your water softeners. While maintaining your system, look for worn parts and leaks. Clean the brine and resin tanks occasionally, and check valves, the system motor, and the regeneration timer. A water softener can last 15-20 years with regular maintenance.

If you install an ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting light in your Annapolis home, check wiring and connections, housing, and the lamp periodically. Our pros at Mid-Atlantic Water Services recommend whole-home UV water treatment systems by Viqua.

The system includes an audible reminder when the lamp needs replacement and displays warning lights when system components need maintenance.

Give Your Water Treatment System Some TLC

Make life easy on yourself and let Mid-Atlantic Water Services maintain your water treatment system. When it operates at peak performance, you will rest assured that the water in your Annapolis, MD, home is clean, clear, and odorless. Call us at (443) 808-0420 or request service online.

“This was my first encounter with MAWS as we just bought a home that they had serviced in the past. I could not be more pleased. Tim, the tech, was extremely knowledgeable, careful, and efficient. He explained the whole system to me, showed how to change a filter, and moved a lot of heavy salt bags to a convenient location. I highly recommend!”

- Marie S.

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