Residential Services

Residential services.
Residential services.

The water in your Maryland home may contain harmful microorganisms, impurities, and other contaminants that cause unsafe water, discoloration, odors, and stains. Our residential water treatment systems at Mid-Atlantic Water Services will ensure your water is healthy, pure, and delicious.

Iron Staining Solutions

Rust-colored stains around your Annapolis home’s sinks and toilets are good indicators that your water supply has an abundance of iron.

While it is not considered a health concern by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), excess iron will stain your clothes, dishware, utensils, sinks, and tubs. It also affects the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Mid-Atlantic Water Services is proud to provide iron staining solutions to reduce contaminants and mineral content in your water. We offer Hellenbrand water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, along with other solutions to treat your water. Let us recommend the best course of action for reducing iron in the water at your Annapolis home.


Water Softeners

Remove the minerals and impurities that cause hard water. When water contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, it is called hard water. Hard water is known to clog pipes, reduce the life of equipment and appliances, and to complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water.

Water softening is a process that removes the ions that cause hard water. Iron ions may also be removed during softening.

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Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

Eliminate more than 99.99 percent of bacteria and pathogens. Contaminated water is purified by passing through a watertight chamber that contains an ultraviolet lamp. As water flows past, microorganisms are exposed to germicidal wavelengths of UV energy.

The powerful UV light eliminates any illness-causing microorganisms in your water and prevents contamination of your plumbing. Typically, a UV system provides the final stage of treatment before water is distributed throughout the home.

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Point of Entry Systems

Choose from a wide selection of whole house water filters to create an ideal home water purification system. These units are designed to remove impurities, neutralize, and/or treat objectionable tastes and odors to the water supply.

A chemical injection system is a very effective technique in water treatment to maintain neutralized and biologically safe water in a water supply. As water is used, a solution is injected into the water that treats acidity and eliminates odors and bacteria. This metered system feeds an accurate dosage based on water volume, regardless of the system's flow rate.

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Irrigation Systems

We can help you get a handle on lawn irrigation. Our qualified pros can design and install a complete irrigation system for your Annapolis yard. An in-ground, high-tech system will water your lawn as needed, saving you time while wasting little water.

Our crews consist of licensed plumbers and certified backflow prevention specialists. We never subcontract our work, and will always ensure your new system complies with local codes.

Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy clean, healthy drinking water. The fact remains that most tap water contains harmful contaminants and chemicals that can negate the many benefits of drinking water. Since we use tap water for preparing drinks and meals, it only makes sense to use an under-sink water filter to remove harmful chemicals and ensure that the water is pure and healthy.

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