Bad Tasting Water

Bad Tasting Water
Bad Tasting Water

Does your tap water taste like a chlorinated swimming pool? Is it bitter, salty, or metallic tasting?

Or does it emit notes of rotten eggs and bacteria?

There is no reason to put up with bad-tasting water in your Maryland home. Our qualified technicians at Mid-Atlantic Water Services are ready to help take your drinking water from unpalatable to pleasing. We can quickly assess your tap water and offer solutions to improve quality and taste.

We tailor our recommendations to your Annapolis household, factoring in the content and source of your tap water—well or municipal supply—and the amount of water you use.

We maintain, repair, and install reverse osmosis devices and whole house filters that screen out impurities and improve your drinking water. We may suggest an ultraviolet (UV) light if bacteria is a concern or a water softeners for water with excess calcium and magnesium.

Our goal is to select a treatment system that suits your needs. It should deliver clean tap water that tastes good and smells fresh.

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What Causes Bad Tasting Water?

Here are a few reasons why the water in your Annapolis home might taste bad:

  • Chlorine added to the water kills bacteria but can impart a chemical taste.
  • Rusty pipes or metals such as iron or manganese in well water can produce a metallic flavor.
  • Highly acidic water may taste bitter.
  • Hydrogen sulfide makes water taste and smell like rotten eggs.

Some of the worst contaminants are flavorless. If substances such as lead, mercury, and arsenic find their way into your coffee mug, they can significantly jeopardize your health.

Fortunately, the federal Safe Drinking Water Act authorizes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to oversee public water systems and set standards. It limits the amount of more than 90 contaminants that may be present in the public water supply. We recommend you exceed the EPA standards to ensure safe drinking water.

If you drink well water in your home, you are responsible for testing and treating your water supply.

Testing For Contaminants

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) recommends testing for coliform bacteria, nitrates, dissolved solids, and the pH level in well water every year. The agency points out that any change in your water’s taste, color, or smell merits testing.

You can be sure your morning brew is safe by letting our water quality experts at Mid-Atlantic Water Services test the water in your Annapolis home. Test results, determined by a third-party lab, help us determine a solution for your unique needs.

Fixing the problem

Yes, you can buy an unending supply of bottled water—but that is an expensive solution and not the most environment-friendly choice.

Instead, consider installing a reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink. It will filter out contaminants from water used for cooking and drinking.

Another option, a whole-house filtration system, treats all water in your home, not just the flow from a single faucet.

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