Honestly. Wow

Honestly. Wow…. These days it seems as though service has gone out the window and has given way to, who’s next, I sell real estate and deal with contractors on a regular basis. It is my pleasure to recommend mid Atlantic for water treatment and plumbing service. They gave me a first quote when others gouged me when I asked them to work in a space that was not perfect. I have a small closet where I need my water treatment system to go and Mid Atlantic was happy to work with that space. I did not have access to water as I was in the midst of a renovation and they were happy to send out a Plummer at a reasonable price to install my well expansion tank. The plumber who did the work on my renovation quoted me $500 to install the tank. They did it for 350. They called me 30 minutes before they showed up and they were happy to have the work. These days it seems like you have to beg someone for a decent service. I highly recommend this company and I will be passing them along to all of my future real estate clients.

– Matt A