Food Service

Food Service

The benefits of water treatment affect all facets of the food service industry, from boutique cafe's to multinational establishments. It is vital for an organization to deliver consistent quality costumers deserve. Mid-Atlantic Water Services will remove impurities from the source water by properly designing, installing, and maintaining filtration systems.


We install and maintain water filtration systems for restaurants, cafeterias, cafe's, and other food and beverage establishments. Central water filtrations systems feed water to ice machines, preparation areas, steamers, beverage equipment, dishwashers, and drinking water. We design systems both pre and post-construction.


  • Eliminate or significantly reduce hardness, mineral and sediment deposits to increase equipment efficiency.
  • Water quality is increased to beverages made with water or ice.
  • Filtrating water containing higher chorine levels reduces the ratio of syrup per dispensed drink to maintain flavor.
  • Fruits and vegetables are more vibrant as impurities are removed, increasing taste and quality.
  • Water and ice are clean and clear.

Equipment Protection

Water containing impurities will accumulate and lead to equipment malfunction, causing costly delays and repairs. Installing filtration and softening systems remove impurities before they get to your machines, significantly reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.


Since the only thing running through your machine is pure, clean water, equipment will run smoother and last longer. Harmful minerals, sediments, and other impurities will be removed before they reach your equipment and customers. Increase your competitive advantage and brand customers with the advantages associated with water purification and softening systems.