Commercial and Industrial

Commercial Water Treatment Systems

When operating a business it is essential to have accurate information about water hardness, minerals, and impurities that can reduce net income. Providing your customers with the benefits of a water treatment system will create value for stakeholders. A water treatment system will create a superior product, maximize profits by decreasing operational costs, and reducing general maintenance expenses.

Water treatment is used to optimize most water-based industrial processes, such as: heating, cooking, processing, cleaning, and rinsing, so that operating costs and risks are reduced. Poor water quality allows impurities and minerals to damage the surfaces of pipes and vessels.


We install and maintain treatment systems for hotels and large buildings, to automotive dealerships and education institutions, to recreational facilities, and to breweries. Additionally, we install and maintain treatment systems for laboratories and manufacturing facilities to government institutions and large industrial parks. Industrial water treatment seeks to manage three main problem areas: scaling, corrosion, and microbiological activity. We design systems both pre and post-construction.


  • Lower water consumption and energy costs.
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce hardness, mineral and sediment deposits to increase equipment efficiency.
  • Create superior products.
  • Reduce general maintenance.
  • Save on chemicals, detergents, and other operating expenses.
  • Extend the life of supplies, appliances, and equipment.

Equipment Protection

Water containing impurities will accumulate and lead to equipment malfunction, causing costly delays and repairs. Installing filtration and softening systems remove impurities before they get to your machines, significantly reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.


Since the only thing running through your machines is pure, clean water, equipment will run smoother and last longer. Harmful minerals, sediments, and other impurities will be removed before they reach your equipment and customers. Increase your competitive advantage and brand customers with the advantages associated with water purification and softening systems.