Edgewater, MD

Sediment Filtration Services

Looking for a great way to protect your Edgewater, MD home’s plumbing equipment and improve your water quality? A sediment filtration system can do just that. Mid-Atlantic Water Services will install, replace, repair, and maintain your sediment filter. We can help you trap sediment before it gets into your water or pipes. Let’s work together so your home’s water is safer than ever before.

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Irrigation Services

Mid-Atlantic Water Services designs and installs irrigation lawn systems to work with private wells or municipal water. Let’s build an irrigation system for your Edgewater, MD home or building, providing a lush green lawn without wasting water. Call us today.

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Water Treatment System Maintenance

A whole-house water treatment system requires maintenance to deliver the best performance and ensure you enjoy fresh, clean water. Call Mid-Atlantic Water Services today to develop a maintenance strategy for the plumbing and water treatment equipment in your Edgewater, MD home.

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Leak Detection Services

Prevent your Edgewater, MD home from damage caused by leaks and flooding. Mid-Atlantic Water Services offers leak detector installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services so you can count on being notified the moment there is a change in your water flow or pressure. Enjoy peace of mind and reduce the risk of leaks.

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Plumbing Services

Mid-Atlantic Water Services is here to provide you with the plumbing solutions you need for your Edgewater home. We are prepared to help with any plumbing installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance service. You can trust our experts to install all equipment correctly and leave everything operating as efficiently as possible. Whether you need service for your plumbing fixtures and appliances or have concerns about your pipes, we can help.

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“Our service for water treatment maintenance was excellent! David went above and beyond to educate us on how to properly maintain our system which he didn’t have to do. I believe he gave great customer service and the team was fast and efficient in their work. They were also extremely informative and knowledgeable. Truly appreciate this business.”
- Briana B.
“I called on a Monday morning after determining that my conditioning system was not functioning. I was initially told that a service tech was not available until Friday, but then received a call an hour later telling me that Jason was on his way. He came and fixed the problem immediately. This is one example of the service responsiveness I have come to expect from MAWS over 20 years for my water conditioning, plumbing, irrigation, and leak detection needs.”
- skip s.
“I highly recommend Mid Atlantic Water Services. I’ve used them in my last 2 homes and every time they have provided prompt, professional service. They explained exactly what my issue was and what needed to be done to fix it.”
- Clarke M.
David Cantler was great – walked in, listened to my concern, made corrections that should have been in place, discussed the changes, and made sure I understood what he had done & what I would need to do should the timing be off. They also checked my water to make sure it was good. David’s assistant – he introduced him, but I am sorry do not remember his first name was great as well. He tested the water and was polite!